Best Pool Party Ideas

by Pool Builders on 08-05-2010 in Articles

The summer is nearly as exciting as Christmas time. Regardless of one's age, the prospect of summertime calls forth images of snacks, food, cold drinks and water parks. With the state of our nation's economy, vacationing and visiting popular water parks may seem like frivolous spending, but that does not mean that hopes of having fun and making memories goes out the window.

What are the ingredients for a summer of fun? The answer is revealed through a simple formula: heat + pool + friends or family = an awesome pool party! If you live in the greater Los Angeles area of southern California, then the first of these three essentials is accounted for. With the temperature rising to an average of 90 F on a regular basis, one third of the recipe for summer fun is taken care of. Toss in a pool, and sprinkle two or more people and voila, your recipe is complete. Any day can be a pool party day!

What are some pool party ideas you can work with? Pool parties are commonly theme based. One of the most common themes consists of the Hawaiian theme or luau. However, hosting a great pool party does not require endless researching for pool party ideas or themes on the internet. These usually necessitate pointless spending on party favors and decorations in order to accomplish the suggested thematic. Keep it simple and save yourself some money and stress. All that you really need aside from heat, a pool, and people consists of fulfilling your guest's most basic needs: providing food and drinks. Get creative with these and your money will be spent wisely.

For instance: Cut a watermelon in half. Carve out the watermelon and fill it up with fruit salad. Cut out little triangles along the circumference of each half in a zigzag pattern for a more festive look. You may use the carved out watermelon to make fresh watermelon flavored water instead of lemonade for a refreshing change. Instead of squeezing out the lemon juice, throw the watermelon fruit in a blender, pour the resulting liquid into a pitcher and add water and sugar to taste. As the saying goes, you kill two birds with one stone - snacks and drinks.

Consider these optional features or pool party ideas:

Themes: A day at the beach, Swimming Tournament, etc.

Fun activities: water guns, water balloons, sea creature charades, etc.

Food: pasta/chicken/tuna salads, etc.

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