Best Spa Chemicals for Your Needs  

by Pool Builders on 01-31-2013 in Articles

The chemicals that are used in spas have great similarities with those used in swimming pools but they do have their differences. The difference comes in since the spas tend to have water with higher temperatures compared to swimming pools. The other difference that the two have is the water volume that is available and the bather load per water unit. The fact is that spas tend to be more prone to getting contaminated and you will therefore need to use the best sanitizer every few days.

The organisms manage to grow rapidly in your spa water and a few days therefore are enough to leave it contaminated and hence not safe for use. The use of sanitizers however ensures that all the microorganisms are dealt with leaving the water safe and clean for your daily use. The major chemicals that are used in spas are bromine and chlorine. However, research has shown that bromine tends to be more superior to chlorine when it comes to the spa mainly because it has some advantages over it.

One of the advantages that bromine comes with is fewer odors hence you won't have to bear with any strong smell after the treatment. It also has the advantage of slowly dissolving into your water this making it more effective and it also has a PH range that is much broader compared to chlorine. It is therefore not a wonder that you will find many spa owners using the chemical frequently.

Apart from the two chemicals that can be used in your spa, there is also the option of shock treatment. It is a kind of disinfection which gets rid of algae from your spa and bio-films. This method will also burn off all by products of chlorine which are unpleasant. You can either go for the oxygen shock which is potassium peroxysulphate or the chlorine shock made possible by calcium hypochlorite.

Apart from treating the water to keep it germ free, there are also other things that you will need to look into to keep the spa in top shape at all times For instance, to ensure that your PH range remains at par, it is advisable that you maintain alkaline concentration in the water. This will help avoid wild fluctuations of the PH. You should also ensure that you are emptying the spa and refilling it frequently for best service. Take Care!

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