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by Pool Builders on 08-11-2011 in Articles

Many owners of swimming pools want to have pools with clear water that is beautiful without much struggles. At blue wave we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you high quality chemicals for your swimming pool. The water for your swimming pool will sparkle as our line of pool products will make pool care a simplified exercise. We will also teach you how to use our chemicals in order to achieve quality results. Such information to guide you is readily available online.

All our chlorine tablets for pools are manufactured with adherence to quality standards. They are not contaminated with anything else. They are manufactured in a way that enable them work together to produce quality results. Therefore, they should not be mixed with others or mix different chemical brands.

It is advisable to follow the following guide while using our chemicals. This important guide is designed to offer the user more important information about blue waver pool chemicals. It entails the following;

l Storage: Blue wave swimming pool chemicals should be stored away from direct sunlight. This is important as it prevents the breakdown of the chemicals by Ultra Violent rays. When dissolved solids, total alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness become unbalanced, corrosive and scale conditions occur. This can be prevented by frequent testing
l Store the chemicals where they cannot be reached by children. These chemicals are poisonous and should therefore be stored in sealed containers where children cannot access them.

When using blue wave swimming pool chemicals, it is important to know that motion water makes it hard for algae and bacteria to hold on your swimming pool. Therefore ensuring that your pool water is always circulating around your pool's perimeter is very important. You can always keep your pool water in motion by adjusting eyeball jets at your pool's inlet. This will help in moving water for your pool in a circular way.

However, this does not mean that if you keep your pool water circulated your pool will be free from bacteria. There are areas which do not have or have very little circulation. These are key breeding grounds of algae and bacteria. You should clean and vacuum the floor and walls of your swimming pool at least once every week. This should be a must even if you use automatic cleaner in your pool.

It is also very crucial that you test water for your swimming pool on a regular basis. As such, you should test the Sanitizers and pH. By carrying out such tests, you will find out how weather, bather load and application of chemicals are likely to affect quality of your pool water. This way you will know how to apply blue wave chemicals in your pool to ensure crystal clear water in your pool in all seasons.

Blue wave swimming pool chemicals are made from the purest ingredients. This ensures that they give you quality results without staining your pool. They will also not cause water that is clouding your pool like majority of other pool chemicals. Buy our chlorine tablets for pools today and see how they will make your pool's water clear that you can ever imagine.

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