Best Way to Put Chemicals in Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 03-13-2013 in Articles

This is how I recommend that you place powder based chemicals into the water depending on the type of filter system you are dealing with:

1. Sand Filter: If you have a sand filter then I recommend you place your chemicals into the water by SLOWLY pouring the chemicals through your skimmer as the pump runs. What will happen is the chemicals will move through the filter system and get caught in the sand in your filter as though it was debris. As the water moves through the filter, the chemicals will dissolve and be dispersed through the return of the pool. No pre-dissolving of chemicals is necessary with a sand filter. Keep in mind not to backwash for 24 hours after you place your chemicals through the skimmer or you will blow these chemicals out your backwash. Do any necessary backwashing before you pour in your chemicals.

2. Cartridge Filter: If you try to pour your chemicals through your skimmer like a sand filter, your cartridge will quickly clog and your ability to turn your water over will stop. You are going to have to pre-dissolve your chemicals in a bucket and dump the bucket into the pool. Use hot water when you can so the chemicals will dissolve faster. I prefer to dump the chemicals into the water over the return of the pool so that the chemicals get a little better dispersion. Dissolve your chemicals thoroughly so that the powdered chemical does not sit on the bottom of the liner. If chlorine is being dissolved, it can bleach your liner where the chemicals sit on it.

3. DE Filter: Read the description above for the cartridge filter, because it applies the same for a DE Filter.

One word to the wise: I hear a lot of pool owner that throw their chlorine straight into the water. Keep this in mind that there are two different chlorine shocks on the market, one that is designed to be thrown straight in the water and one that is not. If you are going to throw your chlorine straight into the water, then that is fine as long as you are using the proper chlorine for this. If you are not, then throwing the chlorine in the water will bleach your liner and cause damage to the liner over time. Check the chlorine that you by to know if you can throw it straight into the water or not.

All liquid chemicals I like to pour over the return in the water where the water comes back into the pool. This will help disperse the chemical quickly.

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