Best family pools at Las Vegas Hotels  

by Pool Builders on 12-14-2010 in Articles

Now when most people think of visiting Las Vegas they think of it is being a more adult oriented vacation destination. What a lot of people do not know is that Las Vegas can be a vacation spot that you can take your whole family. All you need to do is pick the right time to visit and you and your family can have a great vacation. One of the best parts of vacationing in Las Vegas as the hotel and the pool or pools that they have to offer. There are many great hotels in Las Vegas that have great family oriented pools. The following are a few of the hotels that offer the best family friendly pools.

When you are looking for the best family oriented pools the MGM Grand Hotel is one of the first hotels that you should have on your list to consider. Pool complex offered in this hotel is considered to be there many one of the very best in Vegas. Your family will feel that they entered a completely different world when they enter the pool area in this hotel. You will feel like you are an exotic jungle paradise filled gorgeous flowers, beautiful lush greenery as well as fountains and small islands that are connected with bridges. This enormous swimming area offers guests at the hotel over six acres containing five swimming pools, three whirlpools as well as a lazy river. The lazy river you will find will probably be the biggest that with your family as it is something that people of all ages can take part in enjoying.

The Monte Carlo Resort Hotel is another hotel that while does not offer as big as pool complex of the MGM Grand in this still an excellent family oriented place to go swimming. There is plenty of fun for every member of the family to have at this hotel while swimming. Younger children in your family will absolutely will love the enclosed kids pool that is outfitted with small child size beach chairs. There is also a wave pool that is capable of producing ways that the 3 feet high to be able to simulate the ocean and create a huge amount of fun for your entire family. For those older children in your family you will enjoy swimming in the lagoon pool. The lagoon pool is a square pool that boasts a very relaxing waterfall. For those that like it slow and relaxing while they are enjoying the water than they will enjoy the Easy River Ride.

The Mirage Hotel should be next on your list of family friendly pole areas to look into. This hotel has a series of pools that will really make you feel like you were in a lush tropical setting. This series of polls here have been connected by bridges and lagoons. There are also several cascading waterfalls that further promote the beautiful tropical setting of the area. All you need to do to get to this beautiful section of the hotel is to walk down a small hallway containing several stores as well as the coffee and ice cream shop.

When you are enjoying the family oriented pools that are offered at Las Vegas Hotels just remember that you are following all the rules of the pool. For instance saving chairs is not allowed. As long as you follow off the rules and make sure that your children are properly supervise that all times than you are going to have a wonderful Las Vegas vacation.

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