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by Pool Builders on 04-19-2012 in Articles

Swimming pool has variety of uses, which is not only limited to fun or excitement. Even doctors advice patients to go for swimming to keep themselves healthy. It is the best way to relax the mind and body. However, swimming should not only be confined to summer season. Some avoids swimming in winter due to the freezing temperature. Hence, the requirement of chauffage de piscine increases. With the help of pool heating, swimming can be enjoyed throughout the year. Most people avoid pool heating due to high electricity bills but there are many heat pumps, which consume less power. Use of a pompe   chaleur piscine helps the swimmer swim in warm water even in the coolest night.

Compared to many air-to-air heat devices, the heat pumps are more energy efficient. From the natural environment, existing heat is used by air-to-water device. Hence, no heat is generated on its own. One of the essential part of pool heating is auxiliary heat source. After the heat is extracted from the environment, it is transferred to the heat exchanger. The heat is further passed to the water drawn from the pool. In order to raise the temperature, the warm water is reintroduced to the swimming pool. With the use of pompe   chaleur piscine now swimmers can swim in any weather condition.

These pumps are not only convenient to use but are also extremely safe. Apart from being energy efficient, these pool heating devices can heat the pool instantly. One useful function of these pumps is auto-start and auto-shut mode. On reaching the pre-set temperature, the pump automatically shuts down. For all sizes and types of swimming pools, these pumps prove useful. A single pool heating pump has the capacity of heating the pool up to the required limit. Compared to gas powered and solar powered heaters, the pompe   chaleur piscine is better. Easy to install, these devices requires less maintenance.

For convenient usage, these systems are provided with digital and electronic controls. Due to these control features, one can set the heating temperature as per his or her requirements. The chauffage de piscine pumps are fitted with pipes, which reach the ground level. Hence, easier access and better efficiency can be attained. Due to high heater efficiency and capability maintain correct flow rate, these pool heating equipment are able to provide best services. Further, these equipment are available at low cost compared to many other similar heating devices.

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