Beware of Swimming Pool Dangers

by Pool Builders on 12-17-2009 in Articles

Swimming pool safety is not typically at the forefront of a property owner's mind, but perhaps it should be. Private homes, commercial businesses, and public parks offer children and adults alike the opportunity to relax, cool off, and play in the heat of the late spring and summer. Each guest, invited or uninvited, faces some degree of risk to his or her physical well-being as a product of a host of environmental factors associated with swimming pools. People that sustain injuries in or around a swimming pool, as well as the survivors of an individual who has drowned in a swimming pool may be able to pursue a legal action.

This civil lawsuit can be a tremendous help to the parties who are affected by swimming pool owner negligence because it can gain them financial compensation that is necessary to pay for medical care required in the wake of the incident. It can also compel a property owner to surrender damages for a number of other considerations as appropriate to the particular circumstances of the accident. Medical expenses can financially crush a family, even if it is otherwise debt free, and this may be the only opportunity that you have to gain the resources that you are owed.

Issues of Negligence

According to long-established legal principles, the owner of a property is considered to be liable for injuries that befall persons while they are on the premises. This holds true if the person suffers a severe electrical shock, a broken toe, or some other injury that is attributable to the property owner's negligence. In the case of pool injuries, this becomes especially important because of the potential for such injuries to be serious or fatal. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, brain damage due to loss of oxygen, and drowning are just some of the possible outcomes of swimming pool accidents.

Some issues of primary concern for both pool goers and the responsible party owners alike should be:

  • Inadequate gating or fencing around the pool area
  • Excessive pool drain suction; pool drains that fail to comply with recent regulatory changes
  • Pool covers that can cause asphyxiation
  • Diving boards
  • Rough play in and around the pool
Where to Turn

Although you may understand that you have the right to pursue a legal action, you may not be sure where to turn or what that process might entail. We can help you. Contact the Houston swimming pool injury lawyers of Williams Kherkher.

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