Blessed Waters - Tirta Gangga  

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Tirta Gangga is a water garden near Amplapura in East Bali built in 1946 by the Raja of Karangasem. A collection of pools and fountains embellished with traditional sculptures set on a sloping hillside amidst a lush landscape, the park offers beautiful vistas and a space to spend a relaxing and leisurely day.

Once a playground of royalty Tirta Gangga a water garden built by the Raja of Karangasem near the town of Amplapura in 1946, taking advantage of the natural springs in the area, is a treat for the senses. Arranged on a sloping hillside the fancifully named collection of swimming and reflecting pools and fountains embellished with traditional Balinese stone carvings is set in lush gardens and has scenic views of rice fields extending into the distance.

About 3 acres in extent the water garden is on three levels. The topmost level comprises of the springs, a swimming pool, four fountains and a meditation centre. The eleven tiered lotus fountain, the biggest attraction in the park is located on the second tier along with another swimming pool and two ponds. The lowest tier has a large lake like pond with Demon Island in the middle. An auditorium and an amphitheater are located on one side of the pond. A popular destination of both locals and tourists the water gardens offer a lovely way to spend a relaxing, leisurely day swimming in its many pools or simply walking amongst its fascinating fountains and traditional sculptures. Since the installation of electric lights in 2006 visitors can enjoy the gardens in the evenings as well. Sometimes the lights are switched off and the site is lit only with oil lamps, providing a romantic and unforgettable experience.

The water from the natural springs of 'Tirta Gangga' which literally means 'blessed water from the Ganges' is considered holy and is used for religious ceremonies by the temples in the area. Religious ceremonies are also often conducted at the gardens. The abundant spring water is also the source of the town water supply. The gardens which were almost wiped out by the eruption of the mount Agung volcano in 1963 has not only undergone careful restoration but has had several new and interesting features added on which has increased the beauty of the site.

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