Boot Camp - A More Effect Option Than Swimming For Weight Loss  

by Pool Builders on 04-27-2010 in Articles

Boot camp as the name suggests, is a training mechanism that has been borrowed from the army drills and routine exercises. We all know how effective the army trainings are in keeping the soldiers fit, smart and active at all points of time. The exercises help people to compete with each other in a friendly way and egg each other on to push their limits to the very extremes, something that is hardly possible when a single person is going through his daily motions with a personal trainer, in a gym or in the pool.

Some people prefer swimming in the pool to lose weight. Most of them take several laps around the pool everyday almost mechanically. These laps could end up being mundane and one might not extract any fun or refreshment out of the whole activity. Another important thing to consider is the fact that the body tends to get accustomed to any constant load or pressure that is applied over a period of time. This is why in most cases, people lose weight initially when swimming and then there is almost no improvement. Over a period of time the swimmer doesn't find any apparent weight loss at all.

Boot camp on the other hand is a way of constantly pushing the limits. Unlike individual activities and training like swimming, boot camp is a team activity. The whole team learns to get fitter and stronger by the day. Boot camp trainers usually ask the members to gather in one common place e.g. a par, where they can start with their exercises. Pushups, running up the slopes of the park, chasing each other and competing in short dashes, jumps and sit-ups are all done together. This ensures that every member pushes himself or herself to the extreme to make sure they don't end up worse than others. This spirit of healthy competition is what never lets the body get accustomed to a specific regime and finally leads to weight loss.

Boot camp also helps people have lot of fun. Invariably the team activities or one-on-one tug of wars keep the people so involved and interested that they hardly notice the fact that they are losing calories too. Running around the park and up the slopes with a rugby ball, trying to play to their best capabilities hardly gives them any time to think about the calories and the kilos. It is hence an unconscious way of losing weight, while people have fun. A healthy dose of team activity also ensures that people socialize and make new friends even when they are doing their daily regime and losing weight. Making friends and networking is a cyclic process that inspires people to work harder and get fitter to set an example for others.

Boot camp is hence an effective way of losing weight that removes the stress and boredom out of laboring alone in a pool. When no one is watching, you will hardly ever push yourself for that extra lap and that makes all the difference when it comes to losing weight.

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