Bring Your Hotel Up To Speed With Satellite Internet.  

by Pool Builders on 04-12-2010 in Articles

Americans travel a lot. Whether it's across the globe or across the state, for business or for pleasure, Americans log millions of miles of travelling each year. While everyone has different reasons for travelling and ways that they prefer to travel, their primary need remains the same: lodging. Hotels and motels across the country take care of this need by offering rooms and services to accommodate travelers. There are so many options for lodging that hotel proprietors must remain competitive or risk shutting their doors for good.

A comfy bed is the only criteria many people have when choosing a place to stay. Hotels are first and foremost a place to sleep, so offering a quiet, clean place for people to rest should be priority number one for any hotel. For many people though, a comfortable bed is not enough.

For the vacation crowd, a hotel must offer family friendly accommodations and, often times, some form of entertainment. A swimming pool is a great way to take care of both of these things. Swimming pools are fun for families and can make the hotel a destination rather than just lodging. If a hotel has enough space and money, the addition of a waterslide can increase its family appeal exponentially. A waterslide takes a pool to the next level and putting a picture of one on a billboard can make the minivans exit the freeway faster than any rest stop can.

Fun and game aside, it's safe to say that a large percentage of hotel guests are on business trips. These travelers will likely have little interest in pools and waterslides, so it's necessary to offer them things they will want. A good breakfast can start any business day off right. Continental or full breakfasts are great perks to offer business travelers or just any traveler in general. It's important for business people to look nice, especially on trips where first impressions can make or break a deal. Help your business guests stay looking their best by offering irons in their rooms and perhaps a dry cleaning service. Little things like this can make business travelers more comfortable and make it more likely that they'll choose your hotel next time they're in the area.

Finally, offering high speed internet such as satellite broadband or DSL is essential to any hotel if they want to be considered by business travelers. Business is so intertwined with the internet these days that staying at a place that doesn't offer it is not even conceivable for many travelers. With satellite internet, a hotel can offer high speed internet access to its business clientele. What's more, satellite internet is not limited like cable internet is, meaning you can easily offer it in individual rooms and not just in the lobby or designated business areas. The fact that many hotels rent conference rooms to businesses for company meetings is one more good reason to invest in satellite internet. Having internet can make a hotel the first choice for a company's next retreat or summit, not having it can put it at the bottom of the list.

Internet is becoming as common as television in most hotels, and those that don't yet offer it must either go with the flow or risk seeing their business suffer. Keep up with the times by offering satellite broadband to your guests.

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