Broadening Your Imagination - Using Things Other Than For Its Intended Purpose

by Pool Builders on 10-18-2009 in Articles

Norms and conventions hamper our imagination. Though these are necessary to maintain societal order, we should know how to break from it occasionally without disrupting the order it maintains. We only need to be imaginative.

It is not hard to imagine. Try to look at things in a wider, more general perspective. Take pool covers for example. Conventions tell us that it is merely a cover for swimming pools. Looking at it in more general terms however, we will see that it is a large piece of durable, water proof and opaque drapery. With those in mind, we can then imagine more uses for it.

It is large, durable and water proof, which means that it can be used to cover a large area that we don't want to get wet during sudden downpours of rain like your newly cleaned car for example or use it as a makeshift roof so you won't have to bring in all the laundry that you've hanged to dry. Instead of buying a real car cover, you can consider buying a cheap swimming pool cover instead. Unlike the car cover which can be used only for the car, the pool cover can be used for some other things.

Moreover, since it's opaque, it can make for a good temporary makeshift room divider or shower curtain. Look for cheap swimming pool covers so you can buy as many of it as you need and can afford in order to serve your intended purpose. This could allow you to save more money than having a real wall or divider installed especially if it will only be temporary.

Get it wet and it will become very slippery. It can then be a sort of slide that kids can play on. You can even cut it into pieces and maybe make a dress or other artworks from it; whatever you can imagine.

These are just a few of the things you can do with pool covers. If you are however going to do these suggestions, you might as well use cheap swimming pool covers. Using things other than for their intended purpose can compromise its stability. This way, you won't feel too bad in case you do break it.

During times of economic instability, it would be good to be imaginative in improvising how we can use various objects that we already have instead of buying new ones. You will be able to do more even with fewer resources. Go out of the box, see things differently.

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