Brushing Your Pool Regularly Is Really Important!

by Pool Builders on 02-11-2011 in Articles

Brushing your swimming pool on a consistent basis is essential for keeping your pool's finish looking great.

I relate it to brushing your teeth: If you were to only use mouthwash everyday your teeth would always have a build up and eventually stain. Just the simple process of running a brush over them regularly knocks off the build up and keeps them sparkling. The same is true of your plaster, pebble, quartz, hydrazzo and various other finishes: if you don't run a brush over the surface regularly and knock loose the fine dirt build up, it will eventually discolor and stain.

So how does someone brush properly?

It's really easy: use a nylon (or 50/50 nylon/stainless steel) pool brush. Make sure the bristles are in good shape- they will deteriorate of left in the sun. Fasten the brush to you telepole and run the brush down the walls and over all the steps. If you have a pool/spa combo make sure and get all areas of the spa. You don't have to muscle up, just run the brush over the area and let the bristles do their thing.

What areas do you skip?

Most people don't brush the floor of the pool and I'm okay with that. As long as you have an automatic pool cleaner with a tail, it will scrub the floor for you. If your pool cleaner doesn't have a tail then its best to get the floor too- this is a real pain so it's another reason to have a good pressure side pool cleaner. Remember, the pool cleaner doesn't clean or brush the spa so it's up to you to include this section of your investment.

Brushing keeps the pool finish smooth and looking great. Dirt build up makes it rougher and discolored. Spend 5-10 minutes each week to keep that sparkle or hire your local pool service.

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