Budget Saving Tips, Using a Pool Cover  

by Pool Builders on 09-23-2014 in Articles

Swimming pool covers are great for not only making a pool much easier to maintain, but they also save you a lot in chemical usage, minimise water evaporating as well as keeping your pool cleaner. They clearly pay for themselves if you make the right purchase.

There are many pool on the market such as thermal blankets, debris, pool blankets and safety covers. Each have their strengths,

Thermal covers will retain more heat, only really useful in the colder climates. Debris covers are made from a mesh, so water can still pass through. This means water won't won't pool and run to the edges. So it actually stops the most amount of debris from entering the pool.

Safety covers will prevent young ones or small animals from falling into the water. Pool blankets will stop water and debris from enter and minimise water evaporating. However when it rains water can pool, which will try to run off into the side of the pool, resulting in more debris entering the pool than a debris cover.

Once you have worked out the best solution for what you want to do, and have installed it, make sure to adjust any chemical settings as needed. Water quality and conditions can vary greatly from place to place, so consult with your local pool shop. They are usually best to advise for the area that you live in. Managing your chemical levels is quite import as evaporation rates and the amount of UV entering the pool drops. This means there is less chlorine breakdown, so you don't need as much. Too much chlorine will also affect your pool, shortening its useful lifespan. In fact too much chlorine will have a bigger effect on a pool blanket than UV exposure.

The last part to consider is how you store you pool cover. This is an important part that many people overlook. Ideally your pool cover is stored on a roller with its own supplied cover. This keeps it away from the weather, sun as well as protecting it. It also makes it a lot easier to remove and install the pool cover and you are less likely to damage it. If you can't afford, you should try to dry your cover as much as possible before folding it. Otherwise pool water becomes trapped inside the folders. Also store the pool cover away from sunlight and weather in a place that it won't get bumped.

Pool covers are a great addition to a pool, making maintenance easier and cheaper. By looking after your pool cover you can maximise its useful lifespan and get the most out of your pool.

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