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by Pool Builders on 10-19-2014 in Articles

Realizing the rise in purchasing power of the middle class and their additional demands, the Delhi-NCR based developers have started to conjure up fresh ideas for value-addition like swimming pools, spas, landscape gardens, golf courses and so on around the residential units inside the township they are offering.

Such value addition takes around 10 percent extra expenses while it is helping them to charge nearly 5-8 percent extra on each unit.

In the last 10 years, the Indian economy has expanded to an extent that the income level of the youth has shot up and the youth are the ones who contribute around half of the targeted market of the real estate developers. As their purchasing capacity has increased, they stay abreast of the latest services being provided by the developers.

Subsequently, such high-end users have started to demand services like swimming pool, spa, garden, entertainment club etc inside the township that majority of the developers are offering in Delhi-NCR.

The A-Z demand is on the rise in Delhi-NCR due to the work from home culture developing in the Indian metros. If the end user wants to meet a person for business purposes anywhere outside home he or she can meet that person in the club inside the town-ship. It not only saves time but money as well.

However, developers have expertise in building homes not the swimming pools, spas, gardens, golf courses etc. So how do they manage?

According to a leading builder, developers hire well-known architects and consultants who specialize in designing exclusive or compact projects based on the target customers. Developers also use their own expertise and experience and engage various agencies like interior designers, vastu experts, and garden designers to make the project more acceptable in the market.

Real estate prices continue to escalate and so does the rise in demand for better accommodation. VAS has gradually become an indispensable part of luxury housing as it increases the salability of a property. According to a famous swimming pool designer based in the Delhi NCR, providing services to developers of repute is a trend that is fast becoming popular.

As far as the expertise and technologies involved in providing such a premium VAS inside residential townships are concerned, another swimming pool expert opines that, one of the signs of a well-designed and constructed pool is pristine, sparkling water. And the way to achieve this is, by using the correct equipment for filtration.

Swimming pools, tennis courts or golf courses- luxury is the new name of the game in the realty sector of Delhi NCR.

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