Building a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-04-2006 in Articles

Homeowners can create a spa like atmosphere in their home with the inclusion of features such as a swimming pool, sauna, hot tub and whirl pool. Swimming pools and hot tubs all require the same basic accessories and maintenance. Maintenance of saunas and whirlpools is different and will be discussed separately in this article.

Swimming pools and hot tubs are two of the most common elements homeowners often purchase and install to transform their backyard into a place of tranquility. Water can be very relaxing and a basic pool can give homeowners these relaxation benefits. Activities such as water aerobics, swimming and water jogging can give the homeowners an exhilarating workout which is also no impact. Hot tubs are enjoyable because they can be kept at high temperature levels which help to relax the muscles of the body.

However, there is maintenance required to maintain these features.
Cleaning is one of the most important maintenance requirements. The use of chemicals such as chlorine for sterilization and algaecides for algae removal and prevention can keep the pool or hot tub safe. Filters and heaters are also required. Filters eliminate contaminates and heaters help to maintain the desired temperature. Safety covers can also be purchased to ensure no one can enter the pool or hot tub when the cover is installed. This safety feature can prevent an accidental drowning. Safety covers can be solid or mesh and may be installed in a number of ways. Covers which keep debris out of the pool and help to maintain the temperature of the pool are useful but not all covers also serve the purpose of preventing an accidental drowning so care should be taking when selecting a cover to ensure the chosen cover suits your requirements.

A whirlpool is another feature homeowners can add to their home to create a spa like oasis. A whirlpool is a bathtub with jets. These bathtubs are usually larger than the average size bathtub but they do also come in the standard size. Maintenance of a whirlpool is a fairly simple process. The majority of the maintenance involves simple cleaning with household detergents. Additionally the jets should be cleaned properly to prevent clogs and ensure they will continue to function properly.

A whirlpool can be accessorized in a number of ways. Changing the fixtures is one of the easiest ways to update the appearance of a whirlpool. Fixtures come in a number of sizes, shapes and finishes assuring there is a fixture to suit all personal preferences.

Saunas may also be installed in a home for homeowners who are looking to add even more relaxing elements to their home. A sauna is a room which is regulated to maintain a dry heat which can range from 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit or 75-135 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the type of sauna which is in use. Maintenance of a sauna is a fairly simple process and involves keeping the interior clean and keeping the heating equipment and thermostat operational. Accessories for a sauna may include any interior features which make the environment more comfortable or appealing to those who use the sauna.

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