Building a Swimming Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 01-17-2011 in Articles

Many people find that owning swimming pools provides many hours of family fun, but don't get carried away by this dream. Before you purchase a swimming pool there are a number things that you need to consider. A pool can be expensive to build, run and maintain and a fair amount of planning is required before it is installed. Hot weather in summer may inspire you to purchase a pool on the spur of the moment. Look before you leap, and consider the time and money that a pool will cost you before proceeding with the pool design process.

A swimming pool can be regarded as an investment. Put some research into your options just as you would for any other major investment such as a car or new home. There are many different ways to construct a swimming pool. It is wise to inform yourself of the variety of methods available before you meet with you pool builder to discuss the option that best suits your property and budget. Learning about the variations in pool design can make you more confident in your decisions, and allow you to easily discuss these factors with the builder.

The four ways of building in-ground swimming pools are typically concrete, aluminium, vinyl-liner and fiberglass. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are differences in the size and shape possibilities as well as the amount and type of maintenance required. The installation process for each type of pool is significantly different. Concrete pools are custom-built to your specifications, meaning that nearly any shape is possible. Their installation can be quite a lengthy process but they are nevertheless popular. Fiberglass pools have the advantage of being easy to put in and maintain but the disadvantage is that they do not last as long. They are delivered in one piece so they can be unwieldy and it is vital that the access to you backyard is sufficiently wide for delivery to take place.

Each pool installation begins in the same way. The first step is to mark the location of the pool on the site. Then, the ground is excavated to make way for the pool. From there, though, the installation process differs depending on the type of pool you have chosen.

Building a concrete pool will take between three and twelve weeks. Steel bars and any plumbing or equipment is laid into the hole in the ground. The form of the pool is created by the steel bars, and often a wooden frame as well, and onto this gunite, also known as shotcrete, is sprayed to form the eventual walls of the pool. Finally, tile and interior finishes are applied over the gunite; these are the surfaces actually seen when you look into the pool.

A fiberglass pool is delivered in one piece, similar to a giant bathtub. Once your yard has been excavated, the pool is simply dropped into this space. It takes only about two weeks to build.

A vinyl-liner pool includes panel walls, which are fastened together on top of a concrete footing. The vinyl liner is then spread over the pool interior, covering the floor and paneled walls. The liner is connected to the tops of the panel walls with a piece of vinyl. This process usually takes up to three weeks.

Most of the materials of your pool are not actually seen once it is finished, but this doesn't mean that you should skimp on them. Superior materials will ensure the longevity of your pool.

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