Built in Swimming Pools - Buyer Beware  

by Pool Builders on 08-18-2008 in Articles

Flipping through a landscape magazine, it is easy to be swept away by the beautiful pictures of built in swimming pools, surrounded by expertly crafted patios and landscaping. However; for far too many people, the dream of owning built in swimming pools quickly becomes a nightmare when reality takes hold.

Excavation Expenses and Delays

Digging and installing built in concrete swimming pools is a major construction project and just like any major construction project there are numerous variables involved, each one carrying its own risk of delays and ballooning costs. For instance, once the digging begins, if any rock is encountered that has to be blasted or removed by unconventional means, your cost begin to shoot up drastically.

More Potential Problems

Also, if the weather isn't on your side, the excavation job in your yard can turn into a giant lake of mud that can last for months. Also, utilities, such as water or electrical lines that have to be rerouted can drive up the excavation costs considerably. No matter how careful your contractor assures you that he will be, say good-bye to all of your landscaping and sidewalks that are anywhere near the project. It will all be in the contract that you have to bear all of the expenses, no matter how sloppy the job is.

Hang in There

So, after after a year of devastation and groups of ex-cons and shady illegal aliens milling around outside your home, the job is done. Now its time to have the patios installed and that can run you into the tens of thousands of dollars. Then the landscaping and fencing has to be replaced. Then and only then can you call the job complete. So, while the average cost of built in swimming pools now runs somewhere over $40,000 dollars the actual finished, completed job can easily be tens of thousands of dollars higher.

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