Burn Fat and Lose Weight - Fun and Fitness in the Swimming Pool Part I

by Pool Builders on 06-11-2008 in Articles

What comes to mind when you think of a nice dip in the swimming pool, the ocean, or a lake? Aerobics? Exercise? Strength training and muscle toning? Yes, it is in the pool and it is a lot of fun! Most often the pool is thought of as a means to relaxing, playing, and staying cool. No matter what we are doing, the pool always means a good time. The pool provides stress and tension relief for adults, and is a great energy outlet for the kids.

Unlike conventional forms of 'land-based' exercise, water-based aerobics and exercising in a pool has a great appeal to all. All ages and all levels can enjoy water exercises with great satisfaction. Imagine, actually combining fitness and fun!

The pool defies gravity - it takes body weight stress off our joints. Outside of a body of water and a swim suit, there is no great need for equipment. It is all about you, the water, and moving. Exercise at its basic level.

Since we are buoyant in water, much less effort is required for motion. This increases movement capability for a lot of people. That makes pool exercising such a great fit for rehabilitation from an injury, the elderly, or anyone working around a physical limitation.

As we get older, our muscles tend to degenerate and lose tone. Pool exercise can prevent this process, and keep our muscles tone and fit. This also means higher energy levels, for all ages. Bone density is also an issue as we age. In particular with elderly people, a lack of resistance exercise will result in bone density loss. Fragile bones are more prone to breaks and fractures, a common problem the elderly face. Exercising in a pool can provide just enough bone stimulation to help keep the bones strong and healthy.

The pool also serves as a great warm up, or cool down to other sports activities. Cross-training is a workout method where fitness enthusiasts and athletes combine various sports activities to help them train for a fitness goal. It is very productive in producing a healthy metabolism for fitness. Not just for athletes, cross-training is a great tool for all ages and all levels of people trying to get in better shape. Pool exercising is a great addition to any existing exercise program, and enables you to take advantage of this cross-training technique.

Moving our bodies in water is enjoyable and easy. However, water provides resistance. Moving arms and legs in an exercise fashion while in the water stimulates muscle. It is like lifting weights to tone up without actually lifting weights. We can change the resistance by doing simple things, like opening or closing our hand, and changing the angle and position of our open hands. An example would be a simulation of chest flyes. If you move your arms in and out horizontally in front of you, open your hands as you flex your chest and back muscles through the range of motion.

Pool exercising is very easy to do, even without an instructor at a pool aerobics class or a set plan to follow. The key is to simply put your self into motion. All you have to do is perform conventional exercise movements, adapted to the water surrounding.

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