Burn Fat and Lose Weight - Fun and Fitness in the Swimming Pool Part II

by Pool Builders on 06-11-2008 in Articles

The swimming pool is a great place to get some fantastic exercise. Above and beyond swimming, there is a lot you can do to maximize your metabolism.

Mimic what are common dumbbell weight workout movements. Here is a great combination exercise to tone the upper arms. Open your hands and keep your fingers together. Curl your arms up and down, bending at the elbow joint. Feel your muscles flex through the whole range of motion as your hand pushes against the water. Keep your palm facing up as your curl up, and flip your palm to facing down as you push the water back down. This will tone up your biceps and your triceps, the front and back of the upper arm.

Apply this very same principle to arm rowing motions for your back muscles. Keep your hands in a 'cupped' position for more resistance, and pull the water in towards you. Include pushing movements also. Push the water away from your upper body to exercise your shoulders and chest muscles.

Those exercises will train most of the muscles of the upper body. A great idea is to alternate upper body movements with leg movements.

Now for some leg work. The pool is great for running place, pretend to have an 'imaginary jump rope', or hold on to the side of the pool and do various leg kicks. If you are in shallow water, you can 'power walk' back and forth. Grab a 'kickboard' or other flotation device and get moving.

Think of it. Even a short 10 minute pool workout can have a dramatically positive effect on your muscle tone and you metabolism. The next time you go for a dip, be creative and do some extra exercise. It all adds up to help get your "Fat Into The Fire".

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