Burn Fat and Lose Weight - Fun and Fitness in the Swimming Pool Part III

by Pool Builders on 06-11-2008 in Articles

We all know the swimming can be a great exercise. Especially when we challenge a little and really put in for a good swim. But we can do a lot more in terms of exercise above and beyond swimming.

How about some work on the midsection, the 'abs'? Holding on to the side of the pool, or using a flotation device, flex at the hips to bring your knees up towards your chest. While doing this, flex the abdominal muscles while you lift your knees. An advanced version of this can be done while treading water. Keep your head above water as you pull the knees to the chest. Gentle twisting movements back and forth are good for the mid-section too. Side to side, bending slightly at the waist with your hands on your hips, and also twisting left to right.

Hip exercises are great in the pool also. Standing in the shallow end, use the side of the pool or a flotation device if needed for balance. Perform leg lifts to the front, side, and to the back, one leg at a time.

Most all exercises can be performed for a 10-20 repetition count. When you finish one exercise, move to another as soon as you are ready. Pool exercise can be paced out to meet your fitness level. You will get more fit with a regular consistent program, just like any other exercise program.

Exercise sessions can start out at five minutes in length, and as you become more fit, an ideal length of exercise time is 20 - 30 minutes. This can also include regular swimming during the routine. At least two pool exercise sessions per week should be done if you are not doing any other fitness activities. Since pool exercising is so easy on the joints, for most people exercising in the pool every day is just fine. Progress at your own pace.

Since the pool is so user friendly for all ages and all levels of fitness, it is very easy to get everyone in the family involved. Kids could even have fun 'leading' an exercise session with older adults.

Pool exercise will energize you, get you more fit, and give you a whole new fresh outlook on exercise!

Energetic time in the pool can really help get your "fat into the fire"!!!

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