Burning calories made Quick and Easy  

by Pool Builders on 03-13-2008 in Articles

Some nice exercises to lose weight would be kick boxing. Kick boxing will not only training both your hand and leg muscles, it will also improve your stamina when you are jumping and sweating.

Physical contact with your opponent also helps. A great way to practice kickboxing would be to engage in the event with another friend, while playing high tempo and faced paced music in order to keep your body pumped and ready to go.

Next, swimming is also another great exercise vehicle to burn calories. With the great expansion of sporting facilities globally, finding a swimming pool would be an easy task. Swimming at a medium and even low intensity level will help in your exercise routine. Practice the different strokes of swimming, such as the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

Also, join your local swimming club or enthusiast group to meet regularly to swim, and also participate in open competitions whenever possible. If you are good enough, you can try your hand at competitive swimming! Remember, fats float more than muscles, so never doubt you cant swim competitively even when you are in the process of losing weight.

Additionally, water is denser than air, and hence swimming will not place as much strain on your bones and joints as much as exercising on land. If you cant swim currently, take swimming lessons from a certified coach in your country and remember to take proper safety precautions when swimming. Jogging is also another popular option.

Generally, the amount of calories you will burn depends on both the duration and intensity of the jog. It is a relatively slow process, but start off slowly, from 15 mins every week, all the way to jogging for an hour a day. Jog at your local nature reserve or park frequently and you will begin to see quick and easy changes.

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