Buying And Installing Above Ground Pool Skimmers  

by Pool Builders on 09-30-2011 in Articles

One of the most important pieces of equipment for keeping your above ground pool clean is a skimmer that is designed especially for those types of swimming pools. Many times, when purchasing and installing an above ground pool, these skimmers are not included with the purchase of the swimming pool. When buying a pool, one should look for package deals which include all the necessary equipment.

However, if you need to purchase the skimming equipment after the fact, there are many options available. First of all, return to the place of purchase of the original pool to see if they have suggestions and available models of above ground pool skimmers. It is always best to follow the recommendations in this case of the manufacture or retailer. If that is not an option, there are many online pool parts distributors available to order from. Always look for reputable online dealers and verify their reputation by doing some quick searches which include their Better Business Bureau listings. Also, always make sure you understand and know what their return policy is and of course their warranties for their products.

Additionally, beware of high shipping costs as many of these online businesses advertise low prices but more than make up for this with extremely high shipping costs. One should not expect to pay more than $20-$30 for standard shipping of a swimming pool skimmer. Note that some online retailers charge anywhere from $50-$75 simply for the shipping. This can easily and significantly add to the total cost of the product.

Before buying a pool skimmer, always check to make sure of the electrical requirements. Many pool skimmers require that the outlet they are plugged into be grounded in a specific manner. There are ground fault requirements in many cases for motorized equipment that is to be used in a water setting. This is not only to ensure the protection of the equipment but also the safety of the swimmers. The skimmer is often in use while people are in the pool. You definitely want to make sure there are no safety issues as electricity is used to power the skimmer.

Also before making the purchase make sure you're capable of installing the skimmer or you have an idea who you will use to do so. Although the installation is not difficult, there are power tools and basic instructions that must be followed to safely and correctly install the above ground skimmer. If one is not handy with simple power tools and able to follow basic directions, a local handyman should be contacted about what he or she may charge for the installation.

Once installed, the advantages of having an above ground pool skimmer working for you is that daily skimming requirements are taken over by the automatic device. This allows pool owners to have more time enjoying their pool instead of cleaning it.

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