Buying Bromine Tablets For Pool Cleaning  

by Pool Builders on 09-30-2011 in Articles

Bromine tablets are becoming more and more popular nowadays for the purpose of cleaning and sanitizing swimming pools. For years, the best alternative for pool maintenance was with chlorine. However, swimming pool owners are finding that bromine has many benefits compared to its counterpart.

Before deciding to buy bromine, let us first consider the benefits of using this form of chemical for sanitizing pools. Removing and killing bacteria and also preventing algae growth is the prime reason pool chemicals are used. Of course chlorine does this job just fine and has done so for many years. However, we will first describe some of the advantages for using bromine instead.

Some people have been known to have severe skin and eye irritations from using chlorine as a pool chemical. Although it is less expensive and more easily purchased in a wider variety of places, chlorine does cause some allergic reactions in people and especially children. Most generally, these skin reactions manifest themselves as redness, perhaps a rash, and severe itching. Also, the eyes can become irritated and extremely red in color. These reactions seem to occur in some people whether using the gaseous form or the tablet version of chlorine.

Bromine on the other hand, seems to have far less occurrences for causing these types of irritations in individuals. The drawbacks for using this sanitizing chemical is that it's more difficult to purchase and available at fewer locations the chlorine. Also, the cost of using bromine tablets for pool cleaning is significantly higher than other chemical alternatives.

It's best to buy a small quantity of the chemical and try it out in your pool before purchasing in bulk. Usually, just one or two months of usage can determine whether or not the bromine is a good fit for your particular pool's maintenance routine. If you want to compare the costs of the two chemicals, then keep good records of your daily maintenance and costs of the chemicals used for several months. Then alternate to the other version of chemical and do the same and compare in your notes the differences in price for the bromine and chlorine used in those time periods.

When you determine that bromine is a good fit for your home pool cleaning then you can research online and find the best source. It is unlikely you will find the chemical in your local home supply or big-box stores. But there are numerous online websites which carry pool supplies that have bromine tablets available in various forms and quantities. Again, purchase only enough for a month or two in order to determine if there are any problems or if the expense is too great for replacing chlorine is the sanitizing agent.

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