Buying Guide: Wooden Pools  

by Pool Builders on 06-09-2010 in Articles

How to install a wooden pool: It's easy, in fact, first wooden swimming pools are above ground models that are delivered to you ready to be installed. Its superb pools are usually constituted partition blades redwood that fit one within another, as well as grooves and tongues which are combined in each corner of the pool by notches. Wondering what it is for the layer of concrete poured on the floor normally used as the foundation for the basin, the layer of concrete is being changed by an assembly separated from the ground, a real advantage because it can bypass operations earthworks. A bargain!

With a wooden pool, they even save money!
The main advantage afforded by these new pools of wood is therefore that it is obliged to perform masonry work. Even better, they are more feasible for handymen and especially for people who have little financial means. Further benefits are multiple, adjustable heat up these pools more rapidly than traditional pools of concrete, steel or polyester. It turns out that wood is less consistent than the classical constructions, he is not afraid of moisture and should be the places hardest.

A range of wooden pools varied: It is true that there are different kinds of wooden pools, namely the beach pool, terrace, pool-house, a summerhouse and garden shower. What are they like? All buildings are spruce and northern pine, iroko curbs, ipe or Itamber and resistant species and insubordinate to fungi and insects that eat wood borers.
For advice and install your pool in wood, however, it is recommended to establish an estimate for the construction of your pool to evaluate the company offers.

When is it maintenance?
It is not always hard to preserve a wooden pool. In any case, no more than another pool because the pool is clean still very important. I can recommend especially the saturator Prolext autoclaved for all wood, processed under vacuum or pressure thermally heated, in fact it applies to the young wood, unworked or old and it fits all the places or regions, mountain climates or beach and has good penetrating power, efficient four hours after application.
A record that when it gets very cold, it is better to apply a rigid safety cover for swimming pools. Do not worry for aesthetics: The cover's membership includes a stainless steel frame and wooden slats, and it is an object that transforms into a clever deck adjacent to pools, perfect for summer. Congratulations to the manufacturers!

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