Buying Non Slip Mats for Your Swimming Pool Area

by Pool Builders on 10-30-2013 in Articles

When you have a swimming pool on your property, then it is essential that you have non slip mats surrounding the pool or any area that might get wet from the pool. This is because it will prevent people from slipping and falling into the pool.

Many people die or injure themselves from slipping poolside, hitting their heads and then falling into the pool. This is such a shame because slipping can be prevented for very little cost. You can buy non slip mats for as little as $30 each on websites that specialise in non slip flooring.

Websites are mentioned here because they are notoriously cheaper than high street stores. They have more special offers and they sometimes have free delivery once you have spent over a certain amount.

Picking your mat

Non slip mats come in different shapes and sizes. If you have a theme around the pool, then make sure that you pick a mat that fits in with that theme. You don't have to compromise on design for safety because this will make you not want to buy the mat. It should be said that safety should come before design, always, and it shouldn't matter if they stand out, but if it matters to you then you do have options. Many people go with a blue colour for the mat.

Now, people are going to be walking on the mat with their bare feet, so you must take that into consideration when choosing the mat. You will not want a pattern that will impact on the feet and feel uncomfortable when people walk on it because that will make people want to avoid them and then they are more likely to slip anyway.

Choose a mat that has a flat grip without raised edges. This will mean that the foot can get some grip on the mat but it will not feel uncomfortable. Some people choose a wave pattern for their mats because it fits in with the theme of the pool and it does not impact on the feet.


When installing the mat, you have the option of just putting it down beside the pool without any adhesive, but this might not be a very good installation. The mat may still slip if water gets underneath the mat.

The best option is to use an adhesive to make sure the mat stays in place. If this is the option you want to go with, then you will need to make sure the concrete is clean and dry before the installation. You might want to hire an industrial cleaner to make sure the concrete around the pool is properly prepared.

Afterwards, you might want to apply a primer so that you know the concrete is level and smooth. The primer will only take a few minutes to dry and then you can apply the adhesive. Once the mats are installed you should refrain from using the pool until the adhesive is dry. It should take a few hours and then your pool will be completely safe.

To conclude, using a non slip mat is cost effective measure to make sure your pool is safe and swimmers will not have any accidents when they are walking around the edge. You can buy non slip mats from website for as little as $30 and then they are very easy to install.

If you have any problems with the installation then you should contact your supplier and ask for their advice. The best supply company will have no issues with giving you the help that you need.

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