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by Pool Builders on 06-02-2011 in Articles

The internet is increasingly becoming a source people are using for purchasing a wide variety of items. If you are looking to purchase a swimming pool pump, a great place to look for one is online. The following are some possible approaches and things to take into consideration when selecting an online pool pump retailer:

Make a List of Retailers

One of the nice things about shopping on the internet is the ability to look at and compare a large number of vendors quickly. This allows the shopper to quickly make a number of different comparisons on levels such as selection, price, and shipping. With this in mind, start out by making a list of pool pump retailers. Make notes on the list regarding the various factors of importance - price, product line, delivery policies, warranties, and so on. Then compare and winnow down the list as the best providers become clear.

Focus on a Specific Brand/Manufacturer

Another way to do comparisons between pool pump providers is to focus on a specific popular brand, such as Hayward, and model and check the prices on it offered by various retail websites. Remember to factor in not only the price of the pump but the cost of shipping as well. This will give you a direct sense of how different providers compare for a specific product. Bear in mind that though a retailer is cheaper or more expensive for one item, it may not be so for all others. Your best bet is to get some makes and specific models that you think you may wish to purchase and do the comparisons based on these.

Look at Website Reputation

These days it's usually possible to find at least some sort of feedback about a certain website on review sites or blogs. Try to get a sense of whether a retailer has a good reputation by looking at what previous customers have said about them. Of course, if you have friends who have bought from the retailer, you can ask them as well. You can even check with an organization like the Better Business Bureau regarding a web vendor's background and reputation.

Consider Buying Direct

You can consider buying directly from a manufacturer rather than a middle man. This is in fact a very good strategy. Any manufacturer will have their own websites and will most probably offer their products for sale through it. This does not guarantee prices that are cheaper, but it may result in better rates. There may also be better return policies, customer service, and warranties offered when you buy directly from a manufacturer.

Consider eBay

If you're trying to save money on a pool pump, try a site like eBay. You may find a barely used pump for a price much cheaper than that for a new pump. There should be some sort of return policy on a used item in case it doesn't work well. If the seller has a good rating and seems honest, using a site like eBay can be a perfectly acceptable option when buying a pool pump.

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