Buying Swimming Pool Covers, Pumps, and Other Equipment  

by Pool Builders on 11-14-2013 in Articles

Automatic pool covers are meant for those people, who have an outside swimming pool and want to use it year-round. The other significances of this mechanism, is that it keeps the pool free of garbage and debris and also reduces maintenance as well as heating costs during winter. There is more than one way of achieving this objective, starting from solar-powered heating systems, to pool spreads. But the easiest and best possible method is surrounding the pool with an all-encompassing boundary wall and overhead shelter that keeps the pool both clean and warm for year-round use.

The most basic type of pool enclosures, not only cover the entire range of the swimming pool, but also allow regular pool activities to carry out, without any hampering. A sectional telescopic shade, has become the type of enclosure in vogue nowadays. This type of pool enclosure provides enough space for the entire extended family to have both day and night-time gatherings. It also adds the classy touch to the overall appearance of the house, speaking volumes about the lifestyle led. This particular model of the pool enclosure, is very easy to put up and doesn't cause in disruptions of private life as most other construction works do.

These sorts of pool enclosures are ultimately flexible. Sections can €telescope' out to enclose the pool area during the cold season, which can be retracted when the hot season comes around. These sections move on slides or wheels, and hence can be moved either mechanically or physically. The sections are made of transparent, semi-transparent, translucent, or even opaque glass or glass-like material; set in a lightweight frame that moves effortlessly on the slider, about the edge of the pool area.

While installing a patio enclosure, it should be taken care of that the overhang is high enough for the person of average height to walk in without stooping. However, most model nowadays, come with a mechanism that can physically lower or higher the overhang, as per requirement. Due to the flexibility that this structure offers, the overhang can be kept in a half-open, half-shut state. Pool areas with patio enclosures, are normally referred to as €pool houses'. The can be made of stone of wood blocks, generally with a glass roof overhead. This sort of enclosure comes at a pretty heavy price, but if one has the means, there is no better way to flaunt it, all year-round. The best thing about this model, is that it can convert an outdoor pool into an indoor one, with the simple push of a button.

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