Buying Your First Above Ground Swimming Pool - Best To Plan Before You Buy!

by Pool Builders on 02-20-2011 in Articles

So you have fancied buying a swimming pool for a while, but like most of us I guess buying an in-ground swimming pool may be beyond your financial reach.

So you may well be looking at buying an above ground swimming pool, and this is a great idea as they have all the benefits of an in-ground one, without any of the installation hassles or installation costs.

Simply put if you have a piece of flat and level ground, then you can erect an above ground swimming pool.

They come in various guises from easy set ones at just a few hundred pounds, to large oval framed pools that can cost several thousand pounds - However at the high end they are equally comparable to any in-ground set up.

When buying your first above ground pool you do need to think about how you are going to use it. A large round pool is good for having fun with the family and learning to swim but you may feel very limited if you are wanting it to exercise in by doing laps.

If your main reason for buying an above ground pool is exercise then a large oval frame pool is probably the one to go for.

However in all cases you do need to think of how easy, or low cost, it is going to be to heat up. As after all a cold pool is no fun at all.

Also when buying your first pool you do need to very carefully measure out the space you are going to put it into, as if not you can find what looked like a small above ground pool can dominate your garden.

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