Buying an Above Ground Pool Depending on Yard Size  

by Pool Builders on 01-29-2013 in Articles

Size of the Yard (figuring out which pool size will fit)
When looking for above grounds, the size that you see on the pool will be a number like 24 feet (24') round or 18 feet by 33 feet (18'x33') oval. This measurement is the swimming dimensions of the pool and NOT the actual framework size (the size that the entire structure will occupy in your backyard). The size measurement is a measurement taken from the inside of the wall to the opposite inside of the wall (swimming area). It can be tricky to determine the actual amount of space needed for the framework, because every pool's framework will be a little different. Here is how you can determine what size pool can fit in the space you have in your yard:
Round Pools (add 3' to the size)
A safe rule of thumb for rounds is to add 3 feet to the size to determine the necessary space needed for the framework. For instance, if you were looking for a 24', then the necessary space needed for this pool would be 27'. If you use this rule of thumb, you can be absolutely certain that the pool will fit in your desired space.
Needed Yard Space for Pool Size
15' 18'
18' 21'
21' 24'
24' 27'
27' 30'
30' 33'
33' 36'

Ovals(add 3' to the long measurement and 6' to the short side measurement)
An oval will always contain some amount of bracing on the sides of the pool. Because of this, a little more space will be needed on the sides that will not be necessary for the ends. The rule of thumb for making sure you have enough space in your yard for ovals is this: Add 3' to the pool's ends and add 6' to the pool's side measurement. For instance on a 15'x30' oval pool, the required yard space will be 21'x33' (15+6=21 for sides and 3+30=33 for ends).

Pool Size Needed Yard Space
12'x24' 18'x27'
15'x25' 21'x28'
15'x30' 21'x33'
16'x32' 22'x35'
18'x33' 24'x36'
21'x41' 27'x44'

Even if you go with an oval pool that is buttress-free (does not contain side bracing), there is still a bar that needs to be dug underground that will come off the sides of the pool approximately 1 ½' to 3', so the added space in the yard will still be necessary.

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