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Swimming pool maintenance does not have to be complicated or time consuming. For those folks who prefer a hands-off approach, most swimming pool professionals will schedule a weekly or monthly visit to perform needed pool maintenance for a reasonable fee. Some swimming pool contractor's offer extended service plans and will perform
regular swimming pool maintenance for a nominal cost, when you sign up at the time of installation.

If you choose to take care of your own swimming pool maintenance here is a handy checklist of items you will need for proper swimming pool maintenance. See your swimming pool maintenance hand-guide for complete instructions to perform the needed swimming pool maintenance on your specific pool.

Water Testing Kit
Acid Spotter
Spa Vacuum
Vacuum Head and Hose
Leaf vacuum and Garden Hose
Leaf Rake/Skimmer
Pumic stone
Wall and Floor Brush
Tile Brush and Tile Soap

For those who like something in between, having it done for them and doing it the labor intensive way, there are a few other options for them to consider for their swimming pool maintenance schedule. These are referred too as automatic pool cleaners and perform some but not all of the required swimming pool maintenance. These systems can be expensive and it may be just as cost effective to hire a pool contractor to perform your swimming pool maintenance for you.

Begin your swimming pool maintenance when the weather begins to warm by sweeping or pumping dirt, water and debris from your pool cover. If you performed proper swimming pool maintenance for the winter, your water should be in pretty good shape as long as you properly remove your pool cover.

It is prudent to have a pool professional make the necessary swimming pool maintenance checks at the beginning and end of each season. They can check the support system, reinstall the underwater lights, and check for leaks and proper pump operation, as well as, perform the necessary maintenance on your swimming pool heater if you have one.

When the weather gets cool and stays cool, it is time to perform the most important swimming pool maintenance. Again this is a good time to call out the professional and have them perform the necessary swimming pool maintenance to shut it down for the winter. When you have a swimming pool professional see to your winter swimming pool maintenance, you can spend your winter worry free where your pool is concerned. Should something go wrong, you have recourse for any improper swimming pool maintenance that may have occurred. Most swimming pool maintenance professionals have some type of guarantee on their service.

With proper swimming pool maintenance you can enjoy sparkling clean water all season long.

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