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Owning a pool is very rewarding as you get to enjoy your own sweet little haven especially during summertime. You can have the convenience of enjoying above ground pools in your own place but of course this comes with a responsibility. It is important to maintain a clean and safe pool if you want to enjoy the most out of it for years and keep its good and working condition. Some pool owners tend to ignore some of the essential factors in keeping the swimming pool free of germs, have a chemical balance and safe for bathers. Open and outdoor swimming pools are more susceptible for germs and bacteria that could lead to algae formation on the pool which can lead to a big problem. However, there are common mistakes that pool owners do and they are unaware that they are putting their own swimming pools for greater damages.

Here are some of the common mistakes that pool owners must stop doing in order to keep their pool at its best condition even after years of actively using it, be it privately owned or for public use;

Not regularly checking the alkalinity and ph balance of the pool water. It is important to maintain a good balance between the ph level and alkaline of the water as it can improve the water's natural ability to sanitize itself. At the same time, the ph level of the pool water would also help the pool owners to determine how much chlorine they need to put into the water. Bigger pools might need more chlorine that might get costly in the long run but understanding the ph level of the pool water would help them pour the most optimized dosage in the pool. At the same time, ph balance helps the chlorine to be more active in cleansing out the water so a relatively high ph means that the chlorine is less active and less effective in keeping the pool clean and safe from germs and algae formation.

Failure to backwash the filters - Pool filters trapped the

Untimely Backwashing of filters - Pool filters trapped and keep unwanted objects and elements from floating around the swimming pool. However, the filter could not do the same thing to itself so it needs to undergo backwashing and chemical treatment to remove the residues and greasy elements on its surroundings. However, some pool owners tend to clean their filter too often and too soon which is just a waste of water. As much as possible, exhaust the optimal cleaning potential of the filters and do the backwashing only until the pressure gauge, circulation motion, reaches the level of 8-10 PSI.

Not including the walls, tiles and skimmer baskets - Remember, the chlorine and filters clean the pool water and only those places that these things could reach. Pool owners must take it as part of their responsibility to clean, brush and vacuum the pool walls and tiles to ensure a 100% algae-free swimming pool.

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