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by Pool Builders on 10-03-2013 in Articles

When the summer sun is bearing all of its oppressive heat down upon you, it's probably all you can do to keep from tearing your shirt and pants off and jumping into the nearest body - or puddle - of water. Sweltering summers are responsible for a lot of bad decisions made by homeowners - namely, the decision to try and dig your own backyard swimming pool in order to beat the heat and save some money. Know this, however: building a pool is not as easy as you might think. Professional companies such as have the tools, the knowledge, and the experience that you severely lack. So, before you pick up your shovel and start digging ask, yourself: do you want a swimming pool done right?
Constructing Your Pool
Although the technology of construction has advanced significantly in the past fifty years, we're nowhere near the point of instant gratification. You may start clapping your hands, squealing with glee, and listening to your "Island Fun Time" playlist while you try on different pairs of swim trunks once you see the workers break ground on your swimming pool. But, pool construction is still an arduous process, which must be done correctly so that your suburban lagoon doesn't end up a gross muddy hole in the ground. The entire process, based on the average pool size and allowances for inclement weather, is about 30 days. Your pool will start by marking off the ground based on the size and shape of swimming pool you've requested. After that, they'll bring some heavy duty machinery to your backyard and excavate down to the deepest portion of the pool. Once excavation is complete and the natural dirt walls of the hole are stabilized, they'll begin building the pool's frame and installing the electrics and the plumbing. The pool's frame will then be reinforced with a steel mesh, so that it maintains its shape. Once the shape is reinforced, the entire area of the pool will be sprayed down with a special concrete until it's about 30 centimeters thick all around. This concrete will take a few days before it's dried completely. Then, the pool is tiled, grouted, and filled with water! Congratulations! You survived the month-long wait and now it's time for a nice, refreshing dip!
Considerate Construction
Anyone can dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water from your backyard hose. The whole point in having a pool constructed is that is done with care. That way, the pool stays sturdy for summers upon summers to come, and the pool's construction doesn't adversely affect the condition of your home. Companies such as are, as rule, extremely careful when they begin planning your pool, accounting for things like nearby sewage lines, underground sprinkler systems, or the quality of your soil. If you want a pool done right, drop the shovel and call a professional.

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