Calling In Pool Builders For Fitness  

by Pool Builders on 10-20-2011 in Articles

Calling in the pool builders to dig a water filled paradise in your backyard can be a great way to increase health and quality of life. Having swimming pools in their yards has allowed many homeowners to have more fun while getting in great shape. When a person wants to burn calories and tighten up muscle tone, there are lots of ways to do it without going to the gym. Incorporating exercise into one's daily life can decrease tiredness and make those jeans fit better. Here are some things to think about.

- Not just for weight loss: Exercise isn't just for losing excess poundage. It can reduce a person's chances of developing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and mental illness. Individuals suffering from depression or anxiety have found relief from exercising that was comparable to taking prescribed medication.

-Sleep patterns: Not only will swimming, walking and other activities create more energy while awake, it will also allow the exerciser to sleep better at night. Studies have shown that with adequate activity levels, individual sleep more soundly and wake up less tired.

-How much is enough: Major associations like The American Heart Association and The American Cancer Association recommend thirty minutes of exercise three times each week. It doesn't even matter what kind of regime is chosen - swimming, walking, tennis or dancing will all fill the bill.

-Average calories burned: For a 150 pound person, here are the average number of calories burned by activity in a half an hour:

o Vigorous lap swimming - 450 cal.
o Moderate swimming - 360 cal.
o Splashing around in the pool - 270 cal.
o Tennis - 180 cals.
o Running a ten minute mile - 450 cals.
o Hiking - 270 cals.
o Frisbee playing - 135
o Dancing - 130 for slow dancing; 200 for fast
o Walking - depending on speed, from 175 to 280
o Housecleaning - 135

- Consulting a doctor: If a person hasn't exercised in a while, he or she should start slowly and even consult a physician before diving in. If a person starts slowly and increases their activity level in a sane manner, he or she will begin to see startling improvements in health and well-being.

- Finding a pool builder: Once a homeowner is convinced that he or she wants to take the plunge of building a swimming hole in the backyard, he or she will need to find the right contractor. Getting word of mouth references, contacting the Better Business Bureau and interviewing several contractors will be a good way of finding the right pro for the project.

- Amenities: Before the hole is dug, it's helpful to decide which amenities are really desired. Some possibilities include built in spas, slides, fountains, cool decking surrounding the structure, and lap lanes. The amount of features will depend on budget, personal preference and the area available to build in the backyard.

If a person wants to get in tiptop shape and have more fun in his or her very own backyard, it may be time to contact a pool builder. One's body and entire family will be thankful.

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