Can You Make money With Affiliate Marketing? Here Is How To Start.  

by Pool Builders on 10-14-2009 in Articles

There are lots of stories out there. Maybe you even got one in your neighborhood. The fellow who exits his house at 10 am for a jog, picks up his kids at 2 pm and goes on lots of holidays. Never seems to be working? Well he is probably making his money online and one of the easiest ways to do that is with affiliate marketing.

I know, because my neighbor is one of those guys. He used to be corporate, or so he considered machinery sales as corporate. Then one day he quit and we did not see him much. When we did see him, unshaven and smiling, I assumed the worst. Poor Steve lost his job, but managed to push his wife out the door and back into the work force so he could stay home.

It dawned on me a short while later that she was at home too. Her job was the family, household and kids and Steve seemed to help out a fair bit with that.

Rude I know, but I knew Steve well enough to ask him one day just what was up. He obviously liked the question and the game so began with a few misleading ideas but eventually just asked me, Kevin, you know what affiliate marketing is? My chuckle was short as I realized Steve was serious.

Over the next two months, when ever I had a spare moment (seemed Steve was always available), I was over at Steve's house trying to figure out what he was up to. In a nutshell, here is how he explained the operations.

Kevin, I work from home, I have no boss, got it? Got it I said.

Kevin, I find companies online that are willing to pay me a commission for finding them customers, got it? Got it I said.

Kevin, I like to work with sellers who are willing to pay me commissions month after month for having just brought them in the customer on day one, Got it? Well, not really I said, "but sure, got it"

Steve went on to say that there are 3 main components to the business, each with some quirks, and the learning curve is steep but quick. It was going to take some work, hard work, long hours of work, but the reward was well worth it, time and freedom. I agreed that I wanted to learn.

Task one is to find good products and services to promote. "Don't try to be a pioneer here" said Steve, find products and services that are already selling. Goods and services that consumers buy over and over.

Task two is position and set up. Find a way to interfere into the sales channel. you need to be able to get in between the buyers and sellers, so that you can effectively pass the buyers onto the sellers and make your commissions. "got it" I said.

Thirdly, you need to have a marketing and traffic strategy, you need to have a plan to follow in regards to getting targeted and consistent traffic flowing to you and your message.

In addition to these three tasks, Steve explained there are a couple of ways to speed up the process. Some are ways that were not available to affiliate marketers, even a short while back.

"Education" Steve said is important. You can read a fair bit online for free doing Google searches, and you can also purchase a number of good resources that have been compiled on the exact subject as affiliate marketing.

"Expect some failures" Steve announced. Like all businesses, the new bakery, the new car detail shop and the new affiliate marketing business will experience some bumps and failures. Learn from them and move on.

"Try to stay the course", by this Steve pointed out that once you start immersing yourself in the affiliate marketing industry, inevitably there will by multiple opportunities coming your way, announcing the newest and most profitable ways to make income online. "Don't be fooled, and don't jump from opportunity to opportunity."

It is now two years past since Steve was kind enough to share his knowledge with me. I work online myself and support my family of four. I don't think Steve lives on the old block anymore, he moved his family to a lake front property not far from here. We now live one block up from the beach and I have the view from every room. I work from home and no, I have not shaved yet today, but I will, cause I want to go watch my sons last swimming class at 1 pm.

I can tell you, affiliate marketing works. It is the best way for a new person to begin. From affiliate marketing, so many additional opportunities will open up to you. It is the skill sets learned early on however that have made it all possible.

If you have any questions, fee free to ask.

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