Can You Teach Your Children To Swim Yourself Without Having To Pay For Professional Swimming Lessons?  

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2013 in Articles

Of course you can teach your children to swim, providing that you can swim and are confident in the water yourself. One thing you should bear in mind though is that your child can feel more pressured to succeed when you are teaching them something whilst in a professional learning environment. With this in mind you should be prepared for a few tears and tantrums along the way. Swimming lessons should be fun, after all you are trying to show your children how much fun being able to swim actually is. So if you give them a bad learning experience they are hardly going to see the fun aspect of it all.

Be Patient

Try and remember back to what it was like when you were first learning to swim. Remember how afraid you felt of the water when it knocked you off your feet. Try and remember what it feels like to not be in full control of your body and not understand how to use your natural buoyancy to your advantage. By doing this you will be able to empathise with the way your own children are feeling and hopefully you will be able to coach them better because of it. You should also remember that not all children learn at the same rate. While one child may literally take to swimming like a duck to water, the next child may struggle to get to grips with mastering this new skill. As their instructor and as their parent, you need to show both patience and understanding throughout the entire learning process.

Structured Lessons

Try not to just get in the pool and set about getting them to swim straight away. They need to get a feel for the water and become comfortable and then their confidence will grow. Start with little exercises to get them used to the way the water feels when they move through it and how getting splashed in the face is not the end of the world. Encourage them to hold their breath and put their faces or heads under the water to show them that there is no need to panic. Remember that before they can learn to swim they need to learn that they can float by themselves. Take it all step by step. Many parents fail because they expect far too much far too soon. A little patience and perseverance can go a long way, and of course remember to enjoy the whole experience!

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