Can Your Pool Really Build Repeat Business For Your Business?

by Pool Builders on 02-22-2010 in Articles

Yes of course the pool has a huge impact on your facility, even public facilities. For example, 2 high schools have swim meets, both pools are the same age, 30 years old. One facility had students paint murals on the wall, hanged banners, spruced up the pool area, the other did nothing for decorating. I think you get the picture - YUK to the old dungeon. Obviously it is good for the community to dress up the pool area. It boosts parents pride and thoughts of the school, etc.

How about a hotel or athletic club. Would you pay the same rate for a 30-40 year old location? People will stop at a new grocery store instead of going to the old grocery store in a large part to how new the store feels. New hotels do better than old hotels. It is rare that a new hotel closes, but common for the old hotels. Let's pick on a hotel, say worth about $2,500,000. Would it be a good investment to put $50,000 in decorating to pool area? How about the lobby and pool area?

Another important factor is water temperature. For the lodging industry, 84 to 86 is like getting a warm or hot steak, 83 and colder is like getting a cold steak. Would you swim in water that is below bather comfort levels?

We all have restaurants that we don't want to go back to, but don't really understand why we don't want to go back. A cold pool could do the same. People might not understand why they don't tell a friend about your location, or why they don't want to go back to your facility. Another turn off is lack of furniture around the pool. People who pay to stay at a hotel expect a chair and table in the pool area.

I could go on an on, but just consider: is your pool area up to date aesthetically? Is the temperature in the right range? Is the water clear, clean and odorless? How do you compare to nice facilities in your area - your competition?

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