Can't Decide Between a Pool Or Spa? Then Consider a Swim Spa

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2010 in Articles

Tremendous technological advances in the pool and spa industry mean you no longer have to choose between the bubbling massage of a hot spa and the refreshing aquatic workout of a swimming pool.

Introducing the brand new Dual-Zone Swim Spa. This spectacular fibreglass Swim Spa incorporates an isolated spa at one end and a separate swim area at the other allowing you to enjoy invigorating exercise followed by a relaxing full body massage all within the one strong, portable unit.

The Dual-Zone range of swim spas offers a large, relaxing spa area that can seat up to six people. The large, comfortable bucket seats allow the most relaxing massage without the overcrowded feel of other swim spas. The swimming area gives you the option of swimming against the powerful swim jets, or enjoy a recreational swim in a water temperature of your choice.

The Dual-Zone Swim Spa is available in three models: the M, X and XS. All versions can each seat up to ten people in both the spa and swim area. The differences are in the jets and number of pumps included in the spa. Including two separate sections within the swim spa means that the temperature of each area can be controlled separately. A cool, refreshing pool and a nice, hot spa are available to you at the touch of a button.

If you would like the benefits of both soft and deep tissue massage, the Dual-Zone XS is the model for you. The XS offers a total of 79 jets: 46 deep tissue massage jets, 14 soft tissue jets, 5 swim jets, 12 twin spin jets and 2 hydrotherapy jets. This swim spa contains an additional, powerful pump at the swim end that runs the swim jets for a more challenging workout.

The Dual-Zone X model has a slightly reduced number of jets than the XS, though still incorporating 34 deep tissue massage jets and 6 hydrotherapy jets in the spa area. A high speed pump at the swim end allows you to swim against the strong swim jets.

For a more relaxed workout in the swim area, the Dual-Zone M is an ideal choice. This model includes the same deep tissue and hydrotherapy jets as the X model with the only key difference being the swim jets. This model has an included accessory that allows you to swim against your own body weight, as opposed to swimming against the swim jets.

Every jet in the Dual-Zone range is made entirely of stainless steel, giving them durability and a permanent, brand new look. The cabinets for these models are made of beautiful Western Red Cedar and, if you prefer, the Dual-Zone Swim Spas can also be installed inground.

The Dual-Zone fibreglass swim spa range are the only swim spas on the market that are available with the exclusive Spa ColourGuard technology. This brand new protection system is offered in 10 brilliant, high gloss finishes that defend your spa completely against the effects of bromine and other spa chemicals.

As Spa ColourGuard can only be applied to fibreglass surfaces, you will have the strength and durability that a fibreglass model offers combined with a spa colour that will not fade. No other spa manufacturer can offer you this level of strength and protection.

Spa ColourGuard resists the degradation of UV light radiation and eliminates a tendency to crack from UV exposure. This incredible protection system is suitable for extreme environmental conditions, which means so is your spa colour.

Your are then left with the peace of mind that your carefully chosen spa will maintain its gorgeous finish and a colour that will never, ever fade.

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