Caring for your Summer Hair  

by Pool Builders on 02-22-2009 in Articles

Summer usually means fun under the sun. However, it can also mean trouble for your precious tresses. As we all know, the hair is not capable of sustaining excessive heat and constant exposure under the sun can end up in fried or cooked hair that would look dull and dreary.

Moreover, the combination of heat, humidity, and chlorine from swimming pools can cause great damage to the hair cuticle, which will eventually result in brittle and drab strands, split ends, and frizzy hair.

Good thing, there are measures you can undertake to take good care of your hair especially during the hot months of the summer. Here are some fabulous tips that you should always bear in mind whenever the hot season arrives.

• Limit outdoor time

Sure, it is great to spend time outdoors especially at the beach during summertime. However, it would be wise to keep out of the sun in the hours between 10 am to 2 pm because this is when the sun rays are at its strongest. If you really want to go outdoors, at least wear a cap or a bandanna or stay under a beach shade to protect your hair.

• Get a trim

Split ends are very common during the summer. Avoid these by cutting your hair regularly during the hot months of this season. Hair stylists would usually recommend a cut every six weeks. You do not necessarily need to get a new hair cut every time, you only need to get the ends trimmed.

• Apply hair products that have SPF and UV protection

Hair products containing SPF protection is your best defense against scalp sunburn while those that protect you from UV rays can minimize the damaging effects of these harmful rays on your hair. These products are usually rich in moisturizing formula that will leave your hair looking great and healthy.

• Use conditioners

Leave on conditioners are great because these will keep your hair's great shape and prevent it from tangling and frizzing. Intensive deep conditioners meanwhile should be applied once a week to treat hair from sun damage.

• Avoid using heat generating appliances

Using your flat iron often is usually all right but during the hot summer months, your hair can really take a break. However, if you feel that you cannot survive without using a hair iron, you should at least use one that has an adjustable temperature setting like that of an FHI ceramic iron.

An FHI ceramic iron is ideal to use even during the summer because you can adjust the heat setting to a very low temperature that will still be effective in straightening your hair but will not cause damage to it.

• Minimize exposure to chlorine

If you love swimming on pools, you should try wearing a swim cap that will give maximum protection against the harmful chemicals found on these swimming areas. Also, do not forget to rinse your hair first with fresh water before you go into the pool. This way, your hair will absorb less chlorine water. Rinse again after you are done.

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