Cartridge Filters, Reasonably Good Filtering Agents

by Pool Builders on 11-15-2010 in Articles

Portable filters have been introduced by brands like Astral, Hayward and Doughboy for keeping ponds clean. This sort of filter fierce the cleaning process of water used in pools. As the washing of pond systems is initiated, its execution also becomes rapid and long lasting. Nothing remains suspended in the pond water as everything gets trapped on the cartridge filtering medium.

The small size of the new cartridge filters makes it easy for people to get such filters easily installed in their ponds. Building some concrete slabs on the walls of the swimming ponds is sufficient for getting the filters fitted in the ponds. Thus their removal also becomes simple whenever there arises a need of cleaning and their cartridge gets coagulated.

Purification of the water used in pools hence becomes a much easier job than it used to be earlier. Back-washing and refilling with depleted organic matter is completely undone. The filters serve as magnificent barriers for resisting the flow of impurities through them. So, just cleaning the coagulated cartridge actually relieves the dirt that sticks on the filament surface. Hence, the filters always remain clean and so also the swimming pool.

Swimming pool filter parts that require replacement are also made easily available with the cartridge filters. So, whenever there is distortion or leakage of the filter element, pool users can get the parts replaced promptly. A rise in filter pressure is considered as an indication of piling up of dirt and contaminants in the filter. So, whenever, pressure rises, the cartridges need to be removed and washed thoroughly with water, muriatic acids and chlorine to make it free from contaminating impurities.

This new form of filter finds good use and there is no resemblance of this filter technology with any other form of pool filtration in use. The pool-users remain contended about such filters that they are using for cleaning the water used in pond systems.

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