Cartridge Pool Filter - Ensuring Affordable and Low Maintenance Pool Filtration  

by Pool Builders on 02-01-2012 in Articles

Pool filter cartridges require regular maintenance and upkeep in order to ensure better performance and higher longevity.
The utmost concern of a pool owner is proper pool maintenance. Amidst various types of pool filters available in the market, cartridge pool filter has emerged as the most preferred choice of the pool users. Many factors including low maintenance, high performance and high affordability could be accounted for its popularity amongst fraternity of pool users.
With the installation of this type of filter, pool cleaning as well as maintenance has become easier as more and more people are opting to replace their old filtering parts with this new technology. The filtering element comprises of a cartridge which is made up of numerous pleats of filter paper which in turn effectively traps impurities and gets them deposited on the filtering medium.
This new filtration technology keeps the ponds safe by functioning in a unique way. As the filtration process starts, larger particles are trapped in the pores of these filters. Once the larger particles have coagulated the pore surface, there is no way out for smaller particles. These filters can trap particle size of 5 to 10 microns thereby releasing crystal clear water.
However, regular cleaning and maintenance is required to ensure its longevity. Since, the cartridge element gets clogged quickly, it is important to clean the cartridge element of the filtering medium frequently. This could be done by hosing off the filtering medium with water. At times the clogged cartridge required to be dipped in a solution of muriatic acid solution when the impurities comprises of oil and grime. Such impurities cannot be removed simply by rinsing with water. Replacement filter cartridges of leading brands can also be used to fit in the slot and could be used to replace the dirty or coagulated cartridge.
The pool filter gauge is equipment that clearly indicates the extent to which the cartridge element has been saturated with debris. It indicates a reading of 0 to 60. Higher reading is an indication of greater pressure in the filter.Ã, This is mainly caused by the pool filter being dirty and calls for replacement of the cartridge element.
However, lower gauge reading indicates that the filter is clean and the process of filtration is taking place uninterruptedly. This new technology that makes use of cartridge element as its filtering medium has made it very phenomenal for pool owners to depend on this type of filter to keep their ponds safe from pollutants that contaminate swimming pools.

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