Categorizing Your Swimming Pool Needs Based on Necessity  

by Pool Builders on 06-26-2012 in Articles

Building a swimming pool entails a lot of resources. This is also true when it comes to maintaining one. Keeping this water facility in tip top shape takes a lot of money and time. Because of this, when buying pool supplies, it's critical to know which ones are needs and which ones are wants. This will ensure that you are covering the essentials first before splurging on a few luxuries.

The Top Priorities

This category should include swimming pool supplies that are absolutely necessary for the functionality of this water facility. If you're going to equate this to eating, these are your basic food groups: go, grow and glow. This classification should involve things that keep your pool clean such as filters, chlorine, skimmers, pool cleaners, lighting, safety features such as railings, as well as temperature regulation mechanisms such as heat pumps. No one wants to dip in a dirty pool. Likewise, extremely swimming in freezing cold water is never appealing. In short, these products form the lifeblood of your water facility.

The Mid-level Splurges

Once you've allocated your maintenance budget and there's money left, then you can spend a few bucks for some extras. These swimming pool supplies are meant to enhance what is supposed to be a very basic pool experience, but these are not the overly expensive stuff that are bordering on luxury. For example, you may choose to upgrade your pool cleaner to something that is capable of more intelligent programming. Or you may opt for something that is more technologically advance such as ionizers. At the end of the day, these products still touch on the essentials but are easier, more convenient to use and have more capabilities.

The Big Splurges

Hey big spender! This category is really for those who have tons of money to spend improving their swimming pool experience. These pool supplies are the best and the finest in their class and sometimes, they are not related to the pool at all, but they extend your water facility experience. Some of these pool indulgences include fountains, waterfalls and ponds. Slides and diving boards are also under this set. Planning of hosting a lot of memorable swimming parties and you got the cash to do so? Then maybe you can binge on a poolside barbeque grill or a floating bar.

Whatever your budget is, the basic rule of thumb is to start from the basic and swim your way up.

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