Cats, Hats, Sunscreen and Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 08-27-2011 in Articles

Ancient Egyptians believed that they could protect themselves from evil spirits by watching their cats. Felines could sense the invisible presence and would react to the threat, warning the living people in the home. Cats can still sense invisible threats. Their senses and their whiskers are more finely attuned to the world around them than yours and mine are.

So, take note when your mouser meows to come in and stretches out on the cool tile floor. He senses the threat of excessive sun and heat and is taking the most sensible action available for a non-swimmer. He came out of the heat and is trying to lower his body temperature. Obviously, you aren't going to spend the rest of your summer lying on the living room floor. Just don't ignore the cat's warning.

Rule #1 - Cover up. When you are outside but you aren't in the pool, cover up with loose, breathable clothing. It might seem odd to wear long sleeves in hundred degree temperatures, but the objective is to create a barrier between your skin and solar radiation. Ultraviolet rays pose a danger even on overcast days and through tinted automobile windows.

Rule #2 - Wear a hat. Three of the most painful places to have sunburn are: the part of your hair, your nose, and the back of your neck. A wide-brimmed hat will take care of these three hot spots. Consider it your hands-free parasol. Cloth hats that can be doused in water are not particularly stylish but are practical if you are fighting the double devils of sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Rule #3 - Apply sunscreen. I know you have heard this before, but it bears repeating. Apply early and often. Try to put sunscreen on 20 minutes before going outside to let it absorb into your skin before you sweat it off. Reapply every hour or so. Choose a sunscreen with a UV physical barrier such as zinc and use it even if you don't plan on being out very long. Plans change. Skin burns. Cancer gains a foothold.

Rule #4 - Drink lots of water. You are approximately 57% water by weight. If you let that percentage drop, your organs will not function as well. Dehydration doesn't just impair your judgment and make you dizzy; it can be a serious health risk. Of course, drinking water will also help you manage your weight and beautify your skin.

Rule #5 - Jump in the pool. It was 104 at 10:30 the other night and the pool water was in the 90's. We took the Solar-Breeze robotic pool skimmer out of the pool and jumped right in. That 10 degree temperature gradient made all the difference! Daytime or nighttime, a dip in the pool goes a long way to lowering your body temperature. A cool tile floor is to cats what a clean pool is to people. With a solar powered skimmer, it is clean and swim-ready 24/7.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, but safely. Even though Labor Day is practically upon us there's a lot of sun and a lot of pool-time left.

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