Cautious Selection of Samui Pool Villas  

by Pool Builders on 02-02-2011 in Articles

Koh Samui is a majestic island in Thailand. It is one of the most visited. It is surrounded by numerous mesmerizing beaches such as Chewang beach, Lamai beach, Bhoput beach, Maenam beach, Big Buddha beach, Choeng Mon beach, etc. The island is famous for Thai food, clear blue water, wild life sanctuaries, luxurious resorts and Samui villas.

Villas in Koh Samui are some the most luxurious accommodations available in Koh Samui island. They are generally located besides the exotic beaches. These villas are chosen because of the provision of higher privacy and comforts with amenities like private terrace garden, minibars, private pools, etc. A villa with a private pool is quite popular amongst tourists. However, there is a word of caution while selecting these Samui pool villas.

Though a pool villa is famous amongst tourists, they often do not care about the clarity of these pools. A pool in villa should have clear water. The owners of these villas should take care that water is regularly filtered and old filters are replaced, to prevent the water from becoming dirty. Regular circulation of water should be there in these pools using pool pumps. Water chemistry is also important. The villa management team should see to it that chlorine levels do not drop to zero, which might result in algae growth and foul smell from these pools.

Besides the cleanliness of a pool in these private villas, individuals selecting these villas should take care of safety standards. Children should be allowed to swim only under the supervision of adults. Injury around the deck area due to a slip or a fall should be avoided. If pools are above the ground area, then proper fencing should be done. All these safety standards should be kept in mind while enjoying holidays in these Samui pool villas.

It is difficult to maintain all these standards for pools in these villas on a regular basis. However, owners of Samui villas make sure that all the above standards are met for providing best hospitality and facilities to the tourists visiting Koh Samui.

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