Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary  

by Pool Builders on 05-24-2012 in Articles

Whether you've been married for one year or fifty years, your wedding anniversary if something to celebrate! There are many things husbands and wives can do to express their love and gratitude to their partner. Gifts range from jewelry to experiences such as a romantic Chicago getaway. Some couples prefer to keep things traditional and celebrate their nuptials by giving each other traditional anniversary gifts. The traditional materials of wedding anniversary gifts by year are as follows:

4-Linen and silk
7-Copper and wool

If you want to do something out of the ordinary, a fun thing couples can do is put a modern twist on traditional gift ideas. For example, for the first anniversary, the traditional gift is paper. Perhaps take your spouse to see a Broadway performance or take them on a trip. You can present the paper Broadway or airline tickets with a thoughtful card and perhaps some flowers.

For some of the more obscure traditional gifts, like cotton, think outside the box. Reserve a room at one of the many Chicago pool suites for the anniversary gift of linen, or take your spouse to a romantic hotel in Chicago. After all, the sheets and pillows or d©cor of Chicago pool suites are made out of cotton or linen! Another tough anniversary gift can be year nine, for which the material is pottery. Instead of purchasing a pot or a vase for your partner, take him or her to a local art studio for an afternoon on the potter's wheel. You both with enjoy getting your hands dirty and creating a memorable masterpiece that you can display in your home.

Once you've decided on the perfect unique gift idea for your wedding anniversary, plan to wine and dine your love on your actual anniversary. Remember that aside from all the gifts, it's important to take a day to simply spend with each other. After years of marriage, and perhaps children, it can be easy to let anniversaries slip by unnoticed. However wedding anniversaries are wonderful opportunities that help couples remember how much they adore the partners they've decided to spend their lives with. So get creative and don't think of your anniversary as just another day to purchase a gift, but as a day to renew your love with a partner with whom you've been so blessed to spend your life.

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