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Center Parcs started out in 1953 as a Dutch sports store in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The founder, Piet Derksen, decided to add more and more camping articles to his product range. He kept on growing his business and added more and more locations in The Netherlands.

When his business was more or less settled, he decided to cross a border and bought a field where people could stay in tents. This was quite succesfull and therefore he added bungalows to the park. This attracted so many people, that ultimately he had outgrown the park and had to move on to buy another field.

It kept on going and going and now it reached the size as it is, namely around 20 holiday parks in several countries within Europe. Center Parcs has grown and become a mature and quality park more and more.

The parks of Center Parcs are focussed on getting families to the parks. Therefore, the park has facilities and activities for young and old and is quite often situated in a peaceful and quiet place. This makes it attractive for people to go walking, biking or horse riding.

Besides, the park also functions as a local tourist office, informing their guests about the best places to go when on holiday.

The parks of Center Parcs also consist of a subtropical pool, called Aqua Mundo. This is a very well controlled environment with mostly fake or real palm trees where people can get an out of the country subtropical swimming experience.

There are many parks in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. One of the most popular parks in The Netherlands is park De Eemhof. This park has a very popular subtropical swimming pool, called Aqua Mundo. Besides, it is situated in Flevoland, near Amsterdam. This makes it quite easy to reach when you have to fly to The Netherlands by plane, since Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is also near. Besides, the theme park Walibi is within 30 minutes driving distance from this Center Parcs park. This means you can go out on a day and jump into thrilling rides in the most spectacular rollercoasters of Walibi.

Also the lakes are near. Think of Veluwemeer, IJsselmeer and Gooimeer. This is ideal if you want to sail with your boat in The Netherlands or go fishing.

By times, Center Parcs offers cheap arrangements to one of their parks or parks of choice. This is the so called early bird discount, last minute, or temporary offers. Quite often Center Parcs offers these arrangements on their own website or through partner sites. It is worth trying to get a discount whenever you want to go to Center Parcs.

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