Champion Power Equipment 64026 Pool Pump Review

by Pool Builders on 03-03-2011 in Articles

Among the entire different brand names out there one distinguishing name is that of Champion. Champion has quite an elaborate line of products available that specialize in providing you solutions for your swimming pool problems. If you are looking for a pool pump that is efficient enough to take all your pool problems away than the Champion Power Equipment 64026 is a great option. This product is quite powerful while at the same time it is surprisingly very light, efficient and compact as well. Its pretty much like a complete package of everything you have ever wanted from a pool pump.

The Champion 64026 comes in a semi - trash pump along with a hose kit that makes pumping very efficient and fast. The engine fitted into this swimming pump if of 118cc OHV and has a fuel tank that supports up to 0.6 gallon with an oil capacity of 0.63. Therefore you won't have to worry about filling up the engine every other day. It can easily last a week further depending on your usage frequency. The most attractive feature of this product is that setting it up and getting it running is as easy as ABC. It comes with recoil that helps starting the engine within seconds only. And considering the extensive hose kit that comes with this pool pump, it is without a doubt a complete package. It even has really robust and solid wheels that are 6 inches in diameter and a handle bar that has the ability to be neatly folded away.

In your concerned about the certification of this product, you don't have to worry at all because this pool pump has been certified by the CARB and the EPA for both the safety of its exhaust and its evaporation emissions. Among the other revolutionary features in this pool pump is that whenever the fuel level in the engine is low it automatically shuts down thus freeing you from worrying about any damage. Since it comes with wheels and a handle bar you can easily move it around wherever you like. It also has an air cooled feature that keeps it from getting too hot. Therefore in areas where the climate is quite hot and humid, this pool pump will work just great. It comes with a full instruction manual and adequate warranty. Considering the price of this pool pump and the features it offers it definitely is a great bargain.

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