Change in Life Style After Lasik Eye Surgery  

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After getting Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi one can get freedom from glasses and contacts allowing person to participate in various activities which otherwise would be impossible to do. Therefore one should be very careful just after Lasik Surgery Procedure for certain activities which can enhance post-LASIK risks, especially during the healing process.
€ One should always wear UV protection sunglasses to protect your eyes before & after Lasik Surgery. It is very important for a person to protect his or her eyes from Ultra Violet Rays for minimum six weeks to few months. There are higher change over exposer of UV Rays can lead to reverse the outcome of Lasik Surgery & also causes corneal haze. As UV rays exposer are known to cause cataracts and retinal damage. There are glasses and contact lenses which provide some amount of UV protection. Therefore, after Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, one should buy a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection which comfortable.

€ One should avoid swimming just after Lasik Eye Surgery for three to four months in order refrain catching any eye infection at eye. One need to avoid from water sports for at least three to four months. After Lasik Eye Surgery eyes are vulnerable to catch infection. Sea, lake water or swimming pool water is full of bacteria and organisms which can easily infect Lasik Operated Eye & leads to serious trouble for Lasik Operated Person. Although, swimming pools are chlorinated which does not mean they free to bacteria & also chlorinated water can cause dryness of eyes Also, one should avoid aggressive water sports such as, water skiing or diving, these may create pressure in the eye surface & disturb the position of corneal flap.

€ Immediate after Lasik Surgery, one should avoid going to very high altitude area which are above 10,000 feet where pressure changes or lack of oxygen can affect your vision. The most more common problem associated is dry eye and even at less height places, one can usually encounter high winds which can contribute to dry eye, leading to cause complications after Lasik Surgery. The point is one should is avoid impacting eye with lots of pressure in Lasik Surgery Operated eyes

€ Following sports need to refrain for at least one month after Lasik Eye Surgery, such as although not limited to only, hockey, football, tennis, racquet ball, martial arts and boxing. The idea is to make Lasik Patient understand that any thrust or pressure to Lasik Operated Eyes during the healing period can disturb flap position or cause serious complications.
LASIK surgery may greatly enhance person's life style; however, one need to take precautions at the same time during the recovery period. For more your Lasik Surgeon can help you to determine if LASIK is right for you based on various parameters and what all one need to take care after Lasik Procedure. Thousands of Patients every month get Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi & lead a very happy life

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