Changing Your Swimming Pool's Filter  

by Pool Builders on 09-30-2014 in Articles

Swimming pool maintenance requires you to follow several simple steps to keep your water clean and transparent. You should try to acquire advanced pool management skills if you are a new pool owner, or totally leave everything in the hands of experienced pool services experts. No matter which route you take, the goal is simple and clear - your pool needs to be clean and aesthetically looking so that you and your family members can fully enjoy the water.

Your best option might be to hire a swimming pool service provider in your geographic location. All you need is a specialized swimming pool company that will help you vacuum your pool, clean your filter, balance your water chemicals or maintain a healthy aqua environment. An example of a swimming pool maintenance expert featuring a broad range of services is Advance Pool Care, a San Diego swimming pool service provider.

Numerous pool owners, especially the ones that have no experience with swimming pool solutions, will probably have to find a provider in their area that will offer flexible solutions that are tailored to each client's specific needs.

How do I manage the swimming pool filter at home?
Some people do not change the sand in their filter for a prolonged their period because there is one pure logic associated with this action - dirty sand has a better filtering ability! However, at some point old sand will stop filtering so well. You are recommended to change your filter' sand every 3 to 4 years.

Carefully choose the tool with which you'll remove the sand. You should shop around for a vacuum and not try to scoop the sand by hand or with a small shovel. Keep in mind that the old sand may contain bacteria and you should try to avoid direct contact with it as much as you can.

Keep in mind that before you add new sand to the filter you should first bring water to the tank. The water will help manage falling sand by absorbing its impact on the lateral assembly. This tip is especially helpful if you have to change your filter sand for the first time.

You should pick sand suited to filter media. You best bet might be #20 silica sand, equal to 40-55 mm in diameter. If you replace the sand in your filter with sand of different kind, you may ruin the filter and it may stop filtrating well.
Changing your filter's sand will help you keep your waters clean!

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