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by Pool Builders on 01-08-2009 in Articles

If you are considering installing a swimming pool, take a look at the new trend in this outdoor leisure and fitness industry in the swim spa. Such a structure allows you to swim and enjoy the relaxation therapy of the waters of the spa feature. You have plenty of room to swim or engage in your water workout. The features of the spa enable you to enjoy a relaxing water massage to sooth your aching muscles and bring healing to your body.

A typical swim spa has six jets ensuring that the water is continuously flowing. In this way you can regulate your pace when swimming. You can also have a hot water massage giving you therapeutic benefits as well as an invigorating workout. After you finish your swim, you can relax your muscles in this manner. Hot water therapy is also beneficial for your skin helping to open the pores to release the harmful toxins from your body.

Many people go to the spa on a regular basis to take advantage of a fitness massage. When you have your own swim spa you can enjoy this form of relaxation whenever you choose without having to make an appointment.

Not only will you be able to relax all parts of your body, but the soothing water also helps to clear your mind. As the water relaxes your muscles, it also improves the circulation of the blood throughout your body bringing the blood and the nutrients to all the cells, this increasing the cell metabolism.

A swim spa is very easy to install. You do have to excavate the area on your property where you want to install it, but there is no heavy shell to contend with that is hard to handle on your own. Most of the manufacturers of these units have liners that come in sections that you bolt together.

Once you install the shell, then you install the liner and start connecting the plumbing you need. If you do not have any plumbing ability, the detailed instructions that come with the swim spa or hot tub will certainly help. You can also have a professional plumber take care of this part of the installation for you.

Once you have the shell and the liner of the swim spa in place and the plumbing connected it is ready to use. However, most homeowners like to have a decorative outer covering for the spa made of decking or other materials so that it is very appealing to the eye. In areas where you cannot excavate the land to sink the spa into the ground, there are models available for installation above ground. In this case you will need to make sure that the earth or concrete under the spa is completely level.

The installation manual that comes with the swim spa you purchase provides you with all the information you will need from start to finish. You can choose from a variety of sizes and depths of water and each one has a built-in freeze pack so that you can enjoy the soothing waters all year long. Unless you are a certified electrician, it is highly recommended that you do have a professional install the electrical components of the spa for you to make sure that it meets the local codes.

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