Checklist for Swimming Pool Maintenance  

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2012 in Articles

An in-ground pool is a beautiful addition to outdoor space, but proper maintenance is mandatory to retain its beauty and safety. The right equipment is certain to make all the difference and to prove it to be an effective maintenance routine. However, prior to beginning the maintenance task, prepare the checklist:

Cleaners- You need to have equipments ready to clean regularly. They come in an array of styles and come within your budget. The common pool cleaners are:

€ Suction- The suction device eliminates debris and dirt
€ Pressure- This helps in pushing dirt to the filter and in this system it removes dirt and makes the pool free from dirt.
€ Robotic- The robotic cleaners are automatic and are the desired cleaners by pool owners, but they are expensive and hence many refrain buying.

Pumps and Filters

Pool pump motors and filter work in unison to keep the water circulating and clean. The dirt and debris is separated from the water as the pumps push it into the filter and so the water that rolls into the pool passes the filter and is clean. Pumps are chosen based on the basis of pool size and the pump on its ability. Hayward pool pump motors are the best and the filters are of three types:

€ Sand- The filters used in this is done using a layer of sand. They are the minimal cost filter type that requires regular maintenance, but keeps the running smooth.
€ Cartridge-Cartridge filters are popular as they are easy to maintain and are removable cartridge.
€ DE- These are efficient and need regular maintenance and is expensive to both the other filters.


Swimming is possible at night or in any season, only if you have heaters. These are the devices that work identical to a pump by forcing water to the heating instrument and releases warm water into the pool. However, heaters need to be chosen on the pool size and its pump strength.

Chlorine Generators

These generators are widely used and it saves a lot of time in having chemical balance. These come handy and the automatic chlorinators keep adding regular chlorine to your pool and slowly dissolve over time. These devices are attached to the pool filter and pump.

The right equipment brings lots of difference in a pool ensuring it is safe, clean and beautiful. Check the equipments and be prepared to maintain a lovely pool and have fun.

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